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Plant a seed of hope for survivors of human trafficking.

Help young women plant a new path to freedom through mentoring, education, job training and job opportunities.

$10,305 raised

$10,000 goal

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Planting Seeds of Hope

  • $1000 Forget Me Not: Help a program graduate start a small business.
  • $500 Sunflower: Send a survivor to business skills training.
  • $250 Rose: Provide a sewing machine for a survivor.
  • $100 Sweet Pea: Provide a survivor with hair styling tools.
  • $75 Morning Glory: Provide hair styling supplies to a survivor for job training.
  • $50 Violet: Provide material to a survivor for tailoring training.
  • $25 Daisy: Provide a survivor with transportation to the program.

Amilia's Light is creating a path for survivors of commercial sex exploitation and trafficking for young women locally and in Uganda to move toward a life of dignity and self reliance. Currently, we do this in Uganda by providing mentoring and training at the Empowerment Program and job opportunities at it's social enterprise, the 10,000 Lights Women's Business Centre.

The Empowerment Program is a training and support center as well as a retail store and hair salon where survivors can begin to practice job skills learned in the program.

Your financial support is much needed, so that we can continue the work. It is estimated that their are over 200,000 women sexually exploited and trafficked in Uganda, alone.

Your financial contribution will help us to keep the Empowerment Center open, continue the fight, and empower even more survivors.

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Contact Us: or 508.921.0516